Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Hilariously Drunk Girls

Sit back and enjoy this Youtube video compilation of young women getting incredibly drunk with hilarious results:

Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Romanians, the Taxi Driver and the Drunk Girl (video)

Not a lot seems to happen in this video, but that's pretty much the point. It may require some explanation: in simple terms it's a video of an inebriated young woman attempting to get into a taxi cab. Frankly though, she's just incredibly hammered-  she's incapably drunk, well and truly on planet zig-zag. This video was apparently filmed in England, and it's been posted with Romanian comments, and it was probably filmed by a Romanian who was in England at the time. A translation will be attempted:

It's entitled "soferita...crita" which in English means "Drivers...are necessary"

There's a description below which says: "undeva in ANGLIA...Romani se amuza de ea...merita vazut" This translates in English as "Somewhere in ENGLAND...Romanians are amused by this...worth seeing"

Anyway- wow. The young woman in this video is so inebriated she can barely stand up or move. Her intoxication has reached the point where she is so drunk she's paralytic and even the most simple task has become incredibly difficult. She's on her hands and knees when the video begins, and we don't know if she had previously fallen or if she had required considerable time to even find her way to the taxi, or if she'd had help which has since made itself scarce. It's also impressive how the taxi driver is so chilled out and relaxed about the situation, even though the girl is totally mullered and this is clearly going to take a while. He's clearly decided he's not going to intervene, as the woman is obviously young with an attractive figure which presents its own risks in terms of attempting to manhandle her into the taxi. He's just going to let her get on with it. Yet it's reasonable to say she's well in drink, indeed she's beyond shit-faced. He also may have spotted our intrepid 'amused' Romanians, giggling away as they film her dealing with the complex task of entering the vehicle. She doesn't quite manage to even get that right, as you'll see. The lady in question probably won't remember a thing about this, but let's hope she didn't wake up with too sore a head, and also that she doesn't know she was the subject of Romanian (and our) amusement on Youtube!

To see a few more boozy young ladies falling into (or out of) cabs, check out this Youtube playlist:

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Paralytic-drunk girls and super-drunk girls (Videos)

An edited selection of the very best extremely drunk girls...our top 34 favorites. The drunkest, booziest, most wasted young women on Youtube. Girls who are passed out, or are falling over, or are carried out of bars and clubs, unable to walk, or are unable to stand up. Quite simply: these girls are incredibly drunk:

These girls are sooooo unbelievably drunk.

1. A wasted girl is slumped face-down in the corner of a nightclub. Some weird looking guys check her out.

2. A group of guys find two utterly wasted girls- totally out of it, slumped together in a nightclub car park. Even as they film, one of the girls passes out completely.

3. A sexy girl is so drunk she loses her balance and falls over on a nightclub dance floor.

4. Two girls get out of a taxi- one of them is extremely drunk and falls ass-backwards in the middle of the road. Her friend helps her to the pavement.

5. A girl who is completely drunk on St Patricks Day starts walking sideways in order to remain upright, holding on to trees for support.

6. An incredibly inebriated young woman is helped out of a hotel elevator by a male companion and propped up on her way down a hotel corridor to a room.

7. Two extremely drunk young British women prop themselves up against the bonnet of a car after leaving a pub, before one eventually loses her balance and falls ass-backwards, dragging her friend along with her.

8. Two very drunk young women can barely stand up outside a bar; they stumble and stagger before ending up on their asses in the gutter.

9. A girl wearing white pants is completely wasted in a nightclub. She falls off her chair drunk and then has to be carried out.

10. A girl in Lithuania, or somewhere in Eastern Europe, is dumped by the side of the road completely wasted, virtually paralytic-drunk. She's so drunk she can't even stand up never mind walk, and she eventually rolls off the road into a muddy field.

11. Two drunk girls try and help their even drunker friend stand up so they can get her to a taxi.

12. Two very drunk girls in Russia can barely walk- the blonde in the white pants is particularly inebriated.

13. A very drunk girl props herself up against a wall, outside a bar.

14. Two girls get out of a taxi- one of them is particularly drunk and she loses her balance and falls over.

15. A wasted girl dancing with guys in a bar, and she still wants more shots.

16. An inebriated girl staggers out of a beer tent on St Patricks Day, and leaves with her friend. She has great difficulty climbing steps and bangs her head on a railing.

17. A group of girls absolutely blitzed during Mardi Gras- they are all over the place and are eventually asked to leave. They are helped off the premises of the establishment by bouncers.

18. A drunkass girl on St Patricks Day leaves a Tampa bar with her friends and has to be propped up.

19. A wasted girl literally falls out of a bathroom stall and is eventually helped out by her boyfriend

20. A completely blotto girl sways on a bar stool before she attempts to stand up- but immediately faceplants.

21. Two very drunk Russian women leave a party at Christmas and attempt to walk home- on snow and ice. It becomes a hilarious zig-zag trek. The taller girl eventually abandons the shorter girl, who is so drunk she can't walk straight and can barely even remain upright.

22. A very drunk girl staggers home after leaving a bar; she attempts to change/take off her shoes on the way, and falls over.

23. and 24. A girl tries to help her inebriated friend navigate a busy street and find a taxi.

25. A girl helps prop up and support her drunk friend after they leave a club.

26. Drunken girls dancing and grinding at a club.

27. Another pair of drunk girls take a tumble after getting out of a taxi

28. A completely wasted girl staggers out of a pool party; she vomits spectacularly; and then staggers back.

29. A drunken birthday girl staggers down the street; she falls into the lap of a stranger; her friends struggle to keep her upright.

30. A drunk blonde girl is helped out of a party and propped up by her friends as they leave.

31. A girl in a tight shiny dress is extremely drunk after a night out. She is so drunk she can barely walk or even stand up, she is sick in the gutter and unable to get in the cab, and eventually the cab driver refuses to take the fare.

32. A completely wasted girl is clumsily carried out of a restaurant after a heavy night's partying.

33. A taxi driver waits patiently while an incredibly drunk young woman is struggling to stand up and is so drunk she's having great difficulty even getting into his taxi.

34. Two Russian girls are sprawled drunk on the pavement outside a bar- one of them is so drunk she passes out cold.

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