Saturday, 23 January 2016

Sunday, 13 December 2015

More drunk girls on Youtube (videos)

A few more videos of completely inebriated girls on Youtube:

1. Drunk woman in China argues with a police officer and climbs over a car

2. A wasted blonde girl pisses in an elevator

3. Very drunk girls stumbling around and falling over at Mardi Gras

4. Completely wasted blonde woman pukes and passes out at a club

5. A sweet & charming but extremely drunk young woman struggling to stand up in the street after a very boozy evening

6. Paralytic-drunk woman being helped by friends after collapsing in the street

7. Drunken bride-to-be struggling to remain upright on a hen night

8. A drunken couple falling over and rolling around on the pavement

9. Friends help a very wasted girl try to stand up on St Patricks Day

10. Paralytic-drunk blonde girl lying in a corridor struggles to get up

11. Young woman puking after a heavy 22nd birthday

12. A wasted blonde girl also puking

13. Two extremely drunk Eastern European young women have great difficulty standing up, walking and opening taxi doors in a nightclub car park after leaving a party

14. Incredibly drunk girl crashes out of a toilet cubicle, and is so wasted she can barely stand up.

15. Absolutely wasted/shit-faced girl can barely sit up straight on a bar stool. She sways to and fro before attempting to stand up at the end of the video- but is so hammered she immediately faceplants.

16. Very drunk Asian girl sprawled in the street after a very heavy 21st birthday celebration.

17. Completely wasted girl at a house party can barely even sit up straight.

18. Drunk girls causing havoc in a nightclub bathroom

19. Drunk blonde girl falls over at a house party and faceplants on a table

20. Drunk girl messing around with friends in a bathroom at a bar falls over.

21. Drunk blonde American girl attempts gymnastics and crashes into a wall.

22. A girl outside a bar is so drunk she can barely stand up- her friends try various ways to prop her up or carry her.

23. Drunk British girl with her boyfriend at the 2012 English soccer FA Cup Final

24. Super-drunk young woman filmed staggering out of a pub in the UK. She is so drunk she can barely stand. She leans against a board and knocks it over, and then props herself up against a wall.

25. Drunk girl in hotpants and boots needs help from her friend as she struggles to walk

26. Another hammered young woman propped up against a wall, can barely stand.

27. Very drunk girl falls over on her 21st birthday and is helped up by friends, but still wants more shots.

28. Extremely drunk girl is helped out of a nightclub and put into a taxi.

29. Very drunk girl stumbles around and falls over.

30. Incredibly drunk young blonde woman can't even stand up at a bike event.

31. Drunken girl outside a bar

32. Drunk girl dirty dancing

33.Inebriated girl passes out at a restaurant.