Friday, 20 February 2015

Industrial Estates of Britain

If you're bored of all these videos of young women who are "drunk off their ass" as they say in the United States of America- check out this fascinating Tumblr blog on the Industrial Estates of Britain, it really is deeply interesting and educational. Therefore it will tick all the non-offensive boxes for Blogger then. We wouldn't want anyone getting offended by a blog and for heavens sake won't someone think of the children???:

Industrial Estates of Britain

Alternatively, as looking at pictures of very drunk girls was too interesting and offensive, here is another website that Blogger might approve of: Boring

And here is their Facebook Page: Boring Facebook

Thanks. Happy to be educational

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Vintage drunkenness

No! Women supposedly drinking more heavily and getting completely wasted is not a sign of our depraved, debauched times. Women have always enjoyed getting boozed up, just like many guys do. Here's a classic photograph of a vintage drunk lady as evidence:

Monday, 23 July 2012


"Girls Just Want to Have Fun"

Did you think only men are badly-behaved or ridiculous when they are drunk? Open your eyes. This is a blog devoted to pictures of young women in various states of alcohol intoxication.

Here you will find videos of said females in merry, tipsy, drunken, sozzled, plastered, hammered, blootered, razzled, wankered, spangled, wasted, tanked up, pissed up, boozy, sodden, twatted, well-oiled, well-lubricated, in-their-cups, liquored-up, trollied, cahuna'd, paralytic, dead drunk and passed out conditions.

The pictures are here for your amusement, disgust, disbelief, incredulity, and amazement.

DISCLAIMER: None of the videos or photographs published on the blog are owned, or were taken/recorded by me. The images and videos have been collected from years of web searching and browsing and are/were available on other free public websites, e.g Youtube, The Chive, and assorted themed sites, or Facebook groups where people's photographs were published in public. I simply collected them from these sources.

All individuals pictured or recorded are anonymous, apart from well-known celebrities.

Should anyone be upset at a photograph they see of themselves, I cannot claim responsibility. That is down to your state of intoxication at the time, the fact that you allowed yourself to be photographed or videoed and then the fact that the photograph or video was published elsewhere. Take your beef up with the original photographer/camera-person who decided to publish the material.

This is the Very Drunk Girls blog.

*I have removed 99% of pictures I have posted previously between 2012-2015 after Blogger threatened to censor the blogs they hosted. However I have decided not to restore the photographs that were on here previously, to save me some hassle after Blogger started making these noises about their policy and censoring blogs. A link to all the videos I have posted in the last three years is available above, I have retained this as it is hosted by Youtube rather than Blogger. Apologies for disappointing you if you could no longer find your favourite images in terms of photographs on this blog- I was threatened by feminists and asked by Blogger to remove them, although they have since back-tracked on their original threat to close the blog. (UPDATE- 5th March 2015)

"Hic! Wasshat?" "Itsh camera..." "Oh...wasshat for...?" "We're shoooooo drunk, letsh take a shelfie...hic!"