Saturday, 25 June 2016

Super-Drunk & Paralytic-Drunk: the drunkest girls on youtube.

The most incredibly wasted, drunken, legless and utterly paralytic-drunk girls to be found on Youtube. Over 50 girls who are drunk as a skunk. Believe us, these disgraceful young ladies are absolutely stinking drunk- with hilarious, amusing, remarkable or surprising consequences.

1. Drunk entertainment: Outside a bar, an absolutely hammered young woman is so drunk she can hardly walk or even stand up. She ends up being sick in the gutter and the cab driver refuses to take the fare.

2. The Drunkest Broad in the World- Absolutely Gibbled: Totally inebriated young woman is helped to a hotel room by male friend after falling out of the hotel elevator.

3. Soferita...crita An incredibly drunk young English woman can barely even stand up. She's so incapably drunk she even struggles to get into a taxi cab.

4. Drunk couple@singapore Completely shit-faced girl staggering down street, she's propped up by her tipsy boyfriend but she still falls over.

5. Drunk white girl falls flat on head...Very drunk young woman falls out of a cab, her friend and a passer by prop her up and help her to the sidewalk.

6. 2 drunk girls stumbling and tumbling Two very drunk young woman can barely stand up outside a bar and prop each other up.

7. Too Many Daquiris A drunken girl falls ass-backwards when she gets out of a cab.

8. Epic Fail A totally drunk girl on St Patricks Day has to walk at an odd contorted angle in order to keep her balance and remain upright.

9. Piekna i piljana blondynka Another drunken young woman attempting to walk but held up by friends and passers-by- struggles with her sunglasses.

10. Drunk Babes after Clubbing Two blonde Russian girls end up extremely drunk, and sprawled on the pavement outside a bar. One of the girls passes out cold, which infuriates her friend.

11. Drunk Birthday Girl on Main Street Tipsy birthday girl struggling to walk stumbles into the lap of a stranger.

12. Hot Drunk Girl Coming out of the Bar... A completely wasted girl leaves a bar and attempts to walk home, with several mishaps.

13. drunk girl throwing up An inebriated young woman sprawled face-down and puking in the corner of a nightclub.

14. Chicks passed out at Elements A group of men find two girls passed out drunk in the parking lot of a nightclub.

15. Sexy drunk girl falls in club A cute drunken brunette can't stay on her own two feet at a nightclub and hits the dancefloor, literally.

16. Drunk girls drop Two very drunk girls use the front bonnet of a parked car to keep themselves upright until one loses her balance and sends the other crashing down with her.

17. Drunk girl at Michigan State Bar in East Lansing Inebriated brunette propped up outside a bar

18. The blind drunk leading the blind drunk Two girls attempt to prop up a drunken friend who is paralytic-drunk and can't stand up.

19. Hilariously drunk girl  Very drunk British blonde crashes down on her laundry basket.

20. Drunk girl falls A wasted brunette falls flat on her face after stumbling out of a cab.

21. Hot Asian girl has a little too much to drink?  A wasted Asian girl shouts and rolls around on the pavement, unable to stand up - while her friend gets angry.

22. 6th street girl falls in her puke A wasted girl outside a bar struggles to remain upright and falls in her own vomit.

23. Drunk girl hits face on railing  A drunk girl staggers out of a beer tent on St Patricks Day and bangs her head on a stairway railing.

24. Translated from Russian: Drunk bitches after the club. Two wasted Russian girls have severe difficulty walking home. The blonde in white pants is particularly inebriated.

25. Super drunk girl passes out at the club Drunk brunette in white pants falls off her stool at a nightclub and is so inebriated she has to be carried out.

26. Drunk 118 girl  Drunk girl in fancy dress stumbling, tumbling, falling and rolling around.

27. Still asking for shots Inebriated brunette dances and staggers around with guys, and as the title says- still wants more booze.

28. Drunk Girls Mardi Gras  An entire group of young women are very drunk in the outside yard of a bar, and after a chaotic scene of falls, slurred words, glazed eyes and shit-faced expressions, one girl has to be forcibly removed and the others leave.

29. Drunk Girl almost knocks herself out- WASTED A wasted girl literally falls out of a bathroom stall.

30.& 31. Random Very drunk young woman is helped down the street by her friend, but she has difficulty even being able to stand up.

32. Too drunk, two girls, one club  A girl helps her wasted friend out of a nightclub, propping her up

33.Drunk Girl Pukes  A totally wasted girl stumbles out of a building, staggering and pukes spectacularly, before returning and bouncing off several cars along the way.

34. Drunk Girl in front of the Monte Carlo  An inebriated blonde girl is helped out of a cab and propped up into her hotel.

35. Drunk bitch A wasted blonde girl has to be propped up and helped across the street

36. Drunk white girl  completely wasted girl rolling around and sprawled on the steps of a metro station.

37. Drunkest couple ever! An inebriated couple dance and stumble around at a club

38. Nightclub diary (drunk chick) Two people try to help an inebriated young woman who is paralytic-drunk

39. Drunk couple in New Orleans Drunken couple groping each other and falling over.

40. Bride to be is drunk off her ass A young woman partying on her hen night is so drunk she's struggling to be able to stand up. Her friend gets annoyed.

41. Drunk girl pissing A totally inebriated blonde pisses in an elevator

42. Drunk lady on the A train falls and hits her head  A boozy young woman dozes off and drunkenly falls off her train seat.

43. Drunk Chic Vegas A young woman is flat-out drunk on the sidewalk. Onlookers try to help her, but she can't stand up.

44. People on alcohol  A drunk young couple are staggering around and tumbling over.

45. Girl drunk as fuck after the club A young woman is completely wasted in a restaurant after a night out clubbing. Men attempt to carry her out when she slumps over in her seat.

46. Woman drinks too much at Daytona Beach Bike week A blonde woman is so incredibly wasted she's completely legless and needs to be helped out of a motor sports event

47. Drunk girls at stardust drunken flirty girls dancing at a club.

48. Drunk girl at chucks A shit-faced girl sways and slumps on her bar stool. Eventually she attempts to stand up...but she's so drunk she immediately faceplants.

49. Drunk girls at -20  Two very drunk Russian ladies stumble away from a party, and attempt to make the long trek home through the snow and ice...a treacherous one, considering the little one is especially inebriated. She struggles to stand up, never mind walk and her companion gives up on her.

50. Drunk girl or a girl learning to walk again In an Eastern European country, probably Lithuania, a hopelessly drunk girl is left dumped by the side of the road. She's so drunk she finds it impossible to even stand up, and eventually rolls into a nearby field.

51. Drunk girl at bar A wasted girl is propped up at the bar, absolutely spangled.

52. Drunk girl pissed herself calling an Uber  A cruel video- an inebriated young woman crouched on the sidewalk trying to use her phone. She's so drunk she has managed to piss herself.

53. Drunk Girl Paralytic-drunk girl slumped outside a bar isn't going anywhere.

54. Girls trying to go to bed Drunken girls attempt to move, stand up, and go somewhere else, but drunken limbs are entangled.

55. Two drunk Swedish girls  Two very drunk Swedish girls who are incapably drunk and barely able to stand up.

56. Drunk woman in Progreso: Two drunk girls at the beach in Mexico, the second of the girls is so drunk she can barely stand up.

57. Drunk chick vs trash cans: Wasted girl who can barely walk crashes into trash cans.

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