Saturday, 5 August 2017

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


A monumentally drunk young woman props herself up outside a bar, but she's so incredibly drunk she struggles to remain upright. In fact she can barely stand up at all.


Two totally paralytic-drunk girls prop each other up as they try and fail to slip their shoes back on. They are so completely wasted they find the task impossible and they can hardly move.

Drunk girls passed out

A gang of men with a camera find two girls totally inebriated and slumped wasted in the parking lot of a bar. Even as the guys film, one of the girls passes out cold.

Bad back? No, just totally drunk

An incredibly drunk blonde woman struggles to remain upright and walk.

Epic Fail - A Drunk Girl's Sideways Walk

A girl is absolutely hammered and starts a hilarious sideways walk in an attempt to remain upright. But what will she do when she runs out of trees?


An extremely drunk girl falls out of a taxi and bangs her head. She's helped off the road by a friend and a Good Samaritan.