Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Drunk women at the races- Part 3

Oh dear. Someone went to Ascot and got absolutely plastered.

Her friend has only one arm, and she's legless.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The phenomenon of drunk girls

In recent years, female drunkenness has become more common, and more widespread in public. Some blame feminism and the need for women to keep up with traditional male behaviors; in Britain they blame the culture of binge drinking. Others ask- why don't male drunks get shamed or criticised more for their boozing? They might ask me of this blog: where are the men falling around drunk? Why is it only about drunk girls/women?

It's a good question, and I would attempt to answer it by saying this: a friend once told me- "Girls are really funny when they're drunk." He's right, there is something inherently more amusing and charming about a drunk girl. A young woman who has taken leave of her senses due to alcohol is not usually as threatening or disgusting as a male who is drunk. For some, there is a titillation and fetishism in observing young women who are very drunk; drunk can even be sexy - there may be deep psychological reasons behind that, that I simply don't have a qualification in psychology to explain or go into greater depth about. Is it perceived that alcohol makes a drunk girl more amenable to sex, more pliant and accessible? Perhaps, but I think it's more complex than that.

Drunk Girls and Alcohol-induced paralysis
Booze impairs the faculties, so even the simple tasks become extremely difficult and become episodes of hilarity. The following video is three and a half minutes of boozy chaos, caused by an inebriated girl in a shiny dress who is totally hammered. She is so drunk she can barely stand up, and her tipsy blonde friend in the red dress isn't much help either:

Sometimes a girl is so drunk she can't stand up at all, and drunken paralysis has truly set in. This video is a great example of a girl who is completely legless after a very boozy night out. Her friends are struggling to help her and get her to the taxi:

These two young ladies enjoyed their New Years Eve celebrations so much, by the end of the night they were thoroughly inebriated. They were so drunk that simple tasks- such as putting their shoes back on- proved totally beyond them. Instead, this became a procedure so complicated that they were unable to do that, and manage to stand up properly at the same time.

Here's another young lady who, by the end of her big night out, is certainly ready to go home. She's comprehensively mullered, a paralytic drunk. Completely toasted. Fortunately, she has a very patient taxi driver who is happy to wait for her to work out how to enter a vehicle. Unfortunately she is also being watched by some very amused Romanian gentlemen who filmed her, and laughed at her antics. Eventually, she does manage to stand up on her own two feet. Yay! Next step- get into the taxi. Ah, but unfortunately she is so utterly plastered that she fails to see the huge passenger doorway in front of her and instead climbs into the driver's seat, defining the phrase 'blind drunk'. Cue much hilarity.

Drunk Girls and Taxis
It isn't just getting into taxis or throwing up while in them, that can present a significant challenge to drunk girls. Getting out of cabs can be a terrible struggle for them too, as this selection of videos show:

Drunk Girls and Vomit
What goes in, must at some stage come back out- and one of the unfortunate side-effects of young ladies over-indulging in booze, is young ladies puking. Apologies to anyone who is disgusted by these videos.

This young lady obviously had a great time at Oktoberfest in Munich- so much so that later on when she ended up completely trashed and slumped in the back of a taxi, she had to regurgitate some of- sorry, a lot of- the steins of beer that she'd taken on board. Her mouth is like a spout as she spews it all back up:

This young lady found herself in an equally unflattering position- flat out drunk in the corner of a nightclub. Wearing a short skirt that night wasn't a great choice either, as she ended up slumped over with her ass in the air. I have always found the gentlemen in the video rather more disturbing to look at however!

If you've gone on a trip with the girls to Amsterdam, and you end up wasted in the back of a taxi after too much booze and maybe something else, it's always good to have your besties to hold your hair back as you puke your guts out on to the pavement. Mind you, don't expect the locals to be entirely gracious or forgiving about you decorating their streets with your vomit.

Drunk Girls and Funny Walks
Excess alcohol sends a very drunk girl all the way to Planet Zig-Zag. Walking straight is no longer the simple everyday process it should be. There is the basic stagger in heels and a struggle to remain upright, and also an attempt to find support for wobbly legs, as you see in these examples:

But then we get some stranger cases. The blonde who can barely remain upright and slumps as if she has a bad back:

And this very peculiar walk, demonstrated by a young woman on St Patricks Day who is evidently so hammered that she has to compensate for being as drunk as a walking sideways. On Planet Zig-Zag it's the only way to remain standing. But what will she do when she's run out of trees?

It could be worse, she could be this lady, who in the words of the guy who originally posted the video, is 'absolutely gibbled'. Walking sideways while extremely drunk is one thing, but it's an even worse look to fall out of an elevator with your dress around your waist and your panties down at your knees:

Drunk Girls Passing Out
Eventually an excess of alcohol leads to unconsciousness. Girls pass out- which can happen quite rapidly as in this case:

Or girls can pass out when they collapse outside a bar- as happened to these two drunk blonde Russian girls. When one passed out cold, the other one became enraged but nothing and no one could wake her:

Sometimes two teenage girls who are best friends might go to a bar and try drinking for the first time. Maybe there is a two-for-one cocktail offer or a Happy Hour. In this situation where much alcohol is consumed by those not used to it, things can progress downhill very rapidly. Both girls might end up a little too refreshed. Hours later, a group of guys filming a video might find them slumped in the bar's parking lot, completely wasted, and also about to pass out. I think they capture the moment the girl on the right goes out for the count, at 0.37! Thank you and goodnight:

This poor girl in Lithuania has been dumped by a roadside in a village. She's absolutely wasted to the point where she can't even stand up. First of all, she tries to, but fails miserably as her legs give way. She ends up in a field, where mercifully she finally passes out cold!

If you enjoyed this article and these videos, check out our full playlist (350+) of female drunks on Youtube, which will pass the time. Enjoy!:

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Drunk British Girls: New Years Eve 2016/17 & Christmas Black Friday Parties

Videos and a selection of press photographs showing very drunk British women on New Year's Eve 2016/2017, Black Friday and parties during the Christmas Season:

Youtube: Two paralytic-drunk Brit girls on New Years Eve 2016/17 trying to prop each other up while attempting to put their shoes back on. They're absolutely shitfaced:

Press pics from New Year and Christmas party aftermaths across the UK:

More drunk British girls- Youtube playlist-50 videos: