Saturday, 20 December 2014

Sexiest Drunken Girls (all videos)

Paralytic-Drunk or Passed Out (Videos)

A few more classic drunken girl videos from Youtube:

1. Spaced-Out Blonde:
A blonde girl slumped against a bar, very wasted and completely out of it:

2. Wasted in Vegas: A drunk girl in Vegas is slumped on the sidewalk. She needs help to stand...and fall over again. She's completely wasted:

3. Drunk blonde hits the pavement:  A very drunk blonde girl is propping herself up in the street against a fire hydrant, but she is so drunk she slides off it on to the sidewalk. The cameraman is rebuked for filming it:

4. Legless-drunk girl carried out of restaurant:  This girl is so wasted after a night out clubbing, she has to be carried out of a late night restaurant. Hilarity ensues:

5. Wasted girl slumped in a nightclub cornerIf you can get past the odd-looking man at the start of the video, this shows a completely wasted girl slumped with her dress hitched up, and probably being sick, in the corner of a nightclub. She's completely paralytic-drunk:

6. Super-drunk girls found in the parking lot: A crew of guys with a camera find two utterly wasted girls slumped together in the parking lot of a bar after a night out. Too many shots or cocktails during happy hour, probably. Both of the girls are completely paralytic-drunk from too much booze and one passes out even as they are filming her:

Saturday, 13 December 2014

More drunk girls on youtube (Videos)

A drunk girl falls over at a nightclub:

And another:

Drunk girl staggering down a hotel corridor:

Drunk girl failing to use door properly:

Very wasted:

Wasted girl falls out of a cab:

Drunken Russian teenager trying to stand up:

Another drunken girl takes a tumble:

Another inebriated young lady seen after she has fallen over on the street. She eventually manages to stand up and stagger away:

Dutch guy films three British blondes who are partying in Amsterdam. One of the girls in the back of the cab is utterly wasted and has puked on the pavement:

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Planet Zig-Zag Classics (Videos)

A series of classic YouTube videos already posted on this blog but worth a re-post. These feature young women so drunk that walking in a straight line is impossible. These girls are truly all on Planet Zig-Zag.

Anyway, apologies for the repetition of these, but they are some of my favourite videos so worth posting again. In most of these it is just unbelievable how drunk these women are. And because these girls are so drunk, some of these videos are very funny too. Thanks to those that filmed and posted them.

1. An incredibly drunk girl 'walking' hilariously at a 90 degree angle as she attempts to head off somewhere on St Patricks Day, before she runs out of trees. She is completely shitfaced:

2. In the early hours of the morning, a totally wasted young woman basically falls out of an elevator and has to be helped to her hotel room by her male companion. The guys filming it can't believe what they have just seen. This video introduced me to the word 'gibbled' which I had never heard before. What does it mean? As you will see when you click on the link below- it means utterly inebriated. And this young lady IS absolutely 'gibbled':

3. Two British girls who are basically too drunk to walk prop themselves up against a car's bonnet. Despite this, they are still too drunk to even be capable of standing upright, and so- inevitably- they fall over:

4. Two very drunk girls outside a nightclub. They totter around on their heels, bump into cars and eventually fall over:

5. Wasted girl stumbles out of a pool party, vomits spectacularly, and then staggers back while bouncing off several cars along the way

6. An extremely drunk girl has to be carried out of a nightclub after sliding off her seat. She can hardly stand up and so is hoisted over a male friend's shoulder:

7. This girl is an a state of utter inebriation. She cannot even stand up, never mind walk. Eventually she rolls into the field. The wheelchair bit is funny. The police eventually arrive:

8. A wasted girl can't stand up even with the help of two friends:

9. It's the morning after the night before, and a girl is still so drunk she can't walk. Her tipsy boyfriend struggles to keep her upright:

10. This girl is wasted on her birthday. Wearing fancy dress, she staggers and falls into a stranger's lap:

11. These two young women are drunk but doing their best to somehow make it home. The girl in the white pants though is so drunk she's practically legless:

12. It's probably not the best idea to try and bend over and show your ass when you're rather shitfaced like this woman:

13. The world is spinning for this young lady, who is definitely on Planet Zig-Zag:

14. Similar to this young lady, who props herself up against a parking meter:

16. This girl has gone beyond Planet Zig-Zag and is on another planet entirely!

17. Boozed up at the races

18. Drunk Asian girl is helped out of a nightclub on New Years Eve:

19. Another young Asian woman who is drunk and unsteady on her feet, swaying and stumbling as she waits in a queue:

20. Two completely sozzled young women waiting at a bus stop on a night out. One of them is so drunk that she takes a pee in front of the cameraman.

21. After a very boozy night out, a wasted girl is helped from a cab into her hotel:

22. A drunk girl staggers out of a beer tent on St Patricks Day and stumbles home with the help of her friend, banging her head on the way:

23. Two very drunk young Russian women leave a Christmas party and attempt to stagger home, battling the slippery streets that are treacherous with ice, and their own wobbly legs:

24. An extremely drunk couple can barely walk after a boozy evening

25. Two very drunk girls stagger home from a night out, zig-zagging their way along the pavement:

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Girls From Planet Zig-Zag (Videos)

Drunken Russian girls
One blonde Russian girl is very drunk, but the other girl is very, very, very drunk. She has passed out on the pavement while her friend becomes hysterical and annoyed:

Legless Lady
This inebriated young woman is completely legless and she falls over several times as she attempts to make her way home from a boozy evening out at a bar:

Boozy in Boots
Utterly shit-faced young woman is so drunk she can hardly walk in her heeled knee-high boots. Too many tequilas, perhaps? As she is helped down the street she is cheered by onlookers:

Brawling with Bouncers
Completely wasted girl at a gig manages to get into scuffles with security

Planet Zig-Zag
Drunken girl can hardly walk or stand

Shaking her ass
Drunk girls dancing, one falls over

Going nowhere
Two drunk girls at a train station. One of them is extremely drunk, almost completely paralytic-drunk:

Can't Stand Up
A girl is so drunk she cannot stand up after a party:

Still drunk on New Years Day
Sozzled young woman staggering along the sidewalk at midday, New Years Day

At the end of the night
Two very drunk girls in short skirts attempting to order pizza:

Just wasted
A tipsy girl helps her wasted friend: